Gregory La Vardera Architect
Milano Interior Design
This is just a place for some other information, links to other places of interest to us, and hopefully to you as well.
Our House Plan Catalog was established in 2002 to create a source for affordable modern home designs for people that desired a modern home and could not find any offered in the housing market. Our catalog has kicked off a bit of a revolution in the House Plan industry. Many of the large plan vendors have rethought their position in the market and are starting to offer better high quality design. Our catalog has also inspired numerous architects to experiment with selling house plans that are better designed than the typical offerings. Yes, it started here. There have been some stories published about our house plans and you can see a list here.
We have also been somewhat of a dabbler in typographic design in the past. Typeface design has a curious parallel to architecture - a balance of utility and art. Just like buildings letters have a job to do, and a strict set of codes and physical limitations that shape it. And just like buildings typefaces seek to inspire you and inform your experience of the world. The typefaces we have designed are available exclusively through Phil's Fonts.
We also maintain several other web sites - blogs as these are called. These are places where we nurture our interests in other narrower slices of the design world. If you are curious you may wish to explore:
Workalicious: our blog about the design of the work place. Face it - you spend a great deal of your life at work. How its designed can make a big difference in whether that time is pleasant or not.
Make Window: A blog all about windows you ask? Why yes. We like windows, we like windows that inspire us. We want to remember where we've seen them. And, golly, you may enjoy what we've seen as well.
Mod House Media Watch: Another place to record observations. The modern house is rare in the USA, yet its often used in media to sell other products. Apparently we see value in the modern house, enough to elevate other products we associate with it. Yet the housing industry will not offer modern. A curious contradiction. I think we'll make a note of this when we see it.
Delaware Valley Modernists: A news place for modern enthusiasts in the local region.
Cell Shot: I carry a camera, because its in my phone. I see things, I take pictures, I keep some of them here.