ibu_revolution dwellings

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Gregory La Vardera

45 South Centre
NJ 08109
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Groupings form dwellings, specific modules make individual designs

ibu_revolution dwellings are defined in two ways. Generalized groupings of modules form different kinds of houses. Groupings may make one or two story houses, or multi story apartment buildings. Within a given grouping many different module combinations are possible, and hence many different dwelling designs.

We strive for things to be simply what they are

ibu_revolution dwellings do not conceal what they are made of. They are made of shipping containers, and they look like they are made of shipping containers. The corrugated structure of a container box has a beauty in its efficiency. We won't apologize for liking them. There can not be any shame in saying that, otherwise why would we be building dwellings from them. This is the point after all. If you are going to conceal it then why bother. That said the aesthetic is not a post apocalyptic mad max survival camp. There is no reason for your home to look like shipping port. All commercial markings are removed, boxes are clean, preferably white, and convey a purposeful machine like aesthetic. Think of a brand new Caterpillar earth mover fresh off the assembly line. Clean, mechanical, functional.

A 2, 3, or 4 box grouping of 850-1180 sqft >>

An extremely flexible grouping that can be used to make small 1 bedroom units or 4 bedroom dwellings. This grouping was created to demonstrate the flexibility and range possible with ibu_revolution. Click through to see more detail on this Grouping.


A single box, one bedroom unit for small dwellings >>

Our only unit based on a full 40ft ISO container box, 0739 is intended to create small 1 bedroom cabins, or to be combined into larger multi unit dwellings. Click through to see more detail on this Grouping.


More group designs are under way

We will be posting new group designs as we complete the documentation of them.